EI_logo_final_RGBEmission information believes that consumers when given the right information will make behavioral changes that will positively impact the environment by using cleaner electricity.

Energy is a key pillar of our lives–it runs our cars, charges our computers and powers our factories. Globally, energy use is expected to increase 35 percent over the next 25 years, driven almost entirely by demand due to increases in electricity use and vehicle fleets. The growing need for energy around the world is likely to make it an ever more precious commodity–forcing up prices and increasing global instability. Additionally, the world’s energy sector is responsible for approximately 70% of global carbon emissions, the direct cause of climate change.

Not surprisingly, the various sources of electricity generation vary widely in the amount of CO2 they generate. So, between this fact and the complexity and variability of the generation footprint at any given time, the emission intensity of the electricity also varies significantly by time of day and location (even in small increments).

The problem is that there was no easy way to educate users about this variability and the impact of small shifts in timing of usage can have a big effect on the overall rate of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the problem Emission Information can solve with accurate data modeling and easy delivery of the resulting insights to consumers.

A transformation is underway among consumers and their views on energy usage and production, and Emission Information is part of this paradigm shift.

The Man Behind The (E)Mission

Every revolution has a driving force, and smart grid energy use is no different. Gustav Beerel has dedicated his career to pioneering advancements in the energy industry, and most recently turned his attention to sustainability.

Armed with decades of experience in the energy sector, and a track record of introducing and institutionalizing new methods and techniques into an industry notorious for resisting change, Mr. Beerel is uniquely qualified to take on an issue as mission-critical and far-reaching as smart grid energy use.

Mr. Beerel’s professional journey has taken him from Steel Mills to Wall Street trading floors, from elegant executive suites to windowless basement offices. The rare executive who can credibly claim to having held senior positions at both powerful big business and bootstrapped start-ups, Mr. Beerel is widely respected for his entrepreneurial savvy, technical prowess, and willingness to take on risky endeavors — that more often than not deliver on lofty aspirations.

Prior to launching Emission Information, Mr. Beerel co-founded New Energy Ventures (now Constellation New Energy) and EnvaPower, Inc. (now Genscape Analytics), two highly successful companies in the energy business. Previously, he worked as a researcher and chemical engineer for over a decade.

Mr. Beerel lives in a suburb of Boston with his wife and two children. He holds degrees from the Carnegie-Mellon University, University of Houston, and Harvard Business School.

Emission Information Partners


GenscapelogoGenscape’s mission is to increase transparency and efficiency in the energy industry and commodities markets through the innovative use of technology. With thousands of sophisticated energy monitors — such as power flow monitors on transmission systems — strategically deployed around the world, Genscape is unique in its ability to measure and collect energy market fundamentals in real-time. These ‘measured actuals’ offer clients visibility into an otherwise opaque industry to help inform the decision-making and risk-management processes. Recently, these data became valuable in helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint. Genscape supports a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial culture that ensures its products and services continue to meet the needs and demands of an evolving market. For more information, please visit genscape.com.

Ballast Lane Applications

Ballast Lane Applications, LLC designs, develops, and markets mobile applications for the consumer and enterprise markets.

They provide services across the entire project spectrum from fleshing out mobile app ideas to coding to post-launch support. Clients include small and large players in the media, financial services, energy and education verticals.