Emission Information Wins Awards at DOE American Energy Data Challenge II

Emission Information (EI) has been recognized by the Department of Energy in its American Energy Data Challenge II for the e-Lite Power Use Advisor mobile app. Awards were received in the following categories: ✪ Best Use of Green Button Standard (2nd place), ✪ Best Use of Winning Contest #1 Idea (1st place), and ✪ Best Overall Application (2nd place). Emission Information demonstrated white-label mobile apps for businesses to educate and engage electricity consumers. The efficient delivery of actionable carbon footprint information is key to engagement. Drawing from the combination of hourly electricity usage data and proprietary precise emission intensity data allows for daily engagement. The smartphone app, available to iPhone users can serve as a fun daily engagement and awareness platform to follow the impact that individual electricity use choices have on the environment.

Using data provided by its strategic partner, Genscape, the leading global provider of energy information for commodity and financial markets, EI has developed proprietary algorithms, software models, and mobile and web apps that provide hourly forecasts of emissions intensity from electricity use for millions of electricity consumers by zip code. The localized, hourly greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity information delivered by EI’s apps is more precise than traditional methods of estimating carbon footprint from electricity use.

“We are excited to be recognized by the DOE for the innovation of this unique emission footprint data stream and mobile app,” said Dr. Gustav H. Beerel, EI’s Founder and CEO. “Our application brings aspects of the smart-grid into the home or business in a way that encourages engagement and awareness of how each of us impacts our environment by our daily choices.”

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About Emission Information
Emission Information provides unique data and insights on emissions from electricity use to businesses and their customers. Electricity delivered through the grid comes from multiple sources – some cleaner than others (electricity produced from solar or wind is cleaner than electricity produced from coal). EI traces local electricity by zip code back to the source and calculates the cleanliness of the electricity mix at a given hour. Using EI’s mobile and web apps, consumers can actively choose to track, compare and reduce their carbon footprint from electricity use. Real-time and forecast information through sophisticated modeling using proprietary data is provided by Genscape, Inc. For more information, please visit: emissioninformation.com

About the DOE American Energy Challenge
A four-part, year-long Challenge to invite public input and innovation around public data resources offered by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Green Button Initiative. Data and information are invaluable national assets that increase in value when they are made easily accessible to the public.