New Personalized Emission Information Business Helps Consumers and Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprints; New Smartphone App Accelerates Early Adoption

Emission Information Inc. and Genscape, Inc. Form Strategic Partnership to Provide Hourly Smart-Grid Information Tracing Electricity Usage Back to its Physical Generation Sources

BOSTON–()–Boston-based Emission Information and Genscape have teamed up to develop ground-breaking mobile and web applications for consumers and businesses eager to reduce their carbon footprint from electricity use. For the first time, electricity consumers can see precisely what power plant provides electricity for that dishwasher – or piece of capital equipment.

“We’re thrilled to partner with EI on this business”

Using data provided by Genscape, the leading global provider of energy information for commodity and financial markets, EI has developed proprietary algorithms, software models, and mobile and web apps that provide hourly forecasts of emissions intensity from electricity use for millions of electricity consumers by ZIP code. The localized, hourly greenhouse gas (GHG) emission information delivered by EI’s apps is several orders of magnitude more precise than the existing methods of estimating carbon footprint from electricity use.

“We’re thrilled to partner with EI on this business,” said Chris Seiple, Managing Director, North American Power for Genscape. “We have the most sophisticated power flow models in the industry, and thousands of energy monitors all over North America, and EI is uniquely positioned to harness this data to produce actionable emission information for motivated consumers.”

“Our applications give consumers and businesses information they can actually use to materially reduce their carbon footprints just by making choices about electricity use,” said Dr. Gustav H. Beerel, EI’s Founder and CEO. “Our application really brings aspects of the smart-grid into the home or business in a way that enables daily engagement.”

A Ph.D. engineer and 30-year veteran of the energy industry, Dr. Beerel founded Emission Information with the belief that providing consumers with information about the source and emissions signatures of the electricity they are actually using in their homes and businesses would promote more individual daily engagement that will lead to cleaner, healthier communities.

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About Emission Information

Emission Information (EI) provides data and insights that help people reduce their carbon footprints and use electricity more efficiently. Electricity delivered through the grid comes from multiple sources—and some sources are cleaner than others. EI traces local electricity (by zip code) back to the generation sources, and rates the cleanliness of the electricity mix at a given time. Using EI’s mobile and web apps, e-Lite™, consumers can proactively choose to reduce their carbon footprints by using electricity during optimal periods throughout the day, based on the source of that electricity. EI provides real-time and forecast information through sophisticated modeling of proprietary data provided by Genscape that allows consumers to responsibly schedule electricity usage up to five days in advance. If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint and living a more sustainable lifestyle, e-Lite™ is for you.

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About Genscape

Genscape is the leading global provider of energy information for commodity and financial markets. Utilizing patented technologies and proprietary algorithms, Genscape provides accurate & timely data on capacities, flow and utilization for all major energy commodities. With thousands of sophisticated energy monitors strategically deployed all over the world, Genscape is unique in its ability to measure and collect energy market fundamentals. These “measured actuals” are then transmitted to clients in real-time or near real-time. Genscape clients often gain first-mover advantage and increased market transparency to better optimize their positions. For more information, please visit:



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