Power of Knowledge

lightbulbElectricity generation is the #1 source of greenhouse gases in the U.S., and Emission Information can help consumers reduce their carbon footprint by helping them to use cleaner electricity.

Carbon Footprint & Electricity Use

When fossil fuels — coal, oil, gas — are burned in the production of electricity, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides are released into the air, as are other heavy metals and particulate matter. A carbon footprint represents the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by a certain organization, event, product, or person.

How EI’s Apps Can Help

The app enables consumers get information about which days and times are best — or “cleanest” — to run home appliances, which require a lot of electricity to operate, so you can shift your energy use and lower your carbon footprint. You can even track your actions and compare your efforts to others.