ArchitectureEmission Information has fused the potential of proprietary Smart Grid real-time data, big data analysis and the proliferation of mobile communications to provide consumers with the next generation of smart energy tools.

Based on a propriety calculation methodology that leverages real-time generation and power flow monitoring — and a powerful, unique data set available only to Emission Information (via partner Genscape) — the company has developed a game-changing consumer application that will have an enormous impact on how people think about consuming electricity.


Key Processing Steps

  • Proprietary, real-time power monitors grid keeps track of the thousands of electricity sources and power flows on the grid, every hour of every day
  • Stack-level emissions data for each facility calculates the emissions intensity of electricity delivered from nuclear, coal, oil, gas, municipal waste, hydro, wind, solar and every other major source
  • Mathematical models aggregate and interpret all of this data and activity to provide consumers with a forecast of how much carbon is emitted into the air, based on the types of electricity generation scheduled for generation and distributed onto the grid to allow a certain fraction to each source to reach your home at a certain time.
  • Users responses to information prompts are stored so that users can track their impact over time from shifting usage to cleaner times of day
  • Finally, using the green button standard, the app is able to import actual customer usage and create emissions intensity profiles for individual users